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Ahhh, Steam sales. <3 I just wish my laptop could run more games. QuQ I can't play half the things I bought until I'm reunited with my gaming PC, lol. My two current obsessions: Audiosurf and Sequence!

If that doesn't convey the wonderful ridiculousness that is Sequence, I don't know what will. xD More on Sequence )

Can you believe there are only three days left in 2011!? It's crazy how fast the year goes by - and yet, when I look back at all that happened, it also feels like such a long stretch of time. Weeeeird.

Stuff on New Year's Resolutions ) I'll have to think about it some more. The popular ones are always things like "getting fit" and "learning one new thing every day", but I want to make sure I have one interesting, non-generic goal. How do people come up with their New Year's resolutions?

Ah, I was going to finally add doodles to my entries (because that's how I used to journal IRL, with random scribbles here and there), but I forgot to bring my tablet pen. So I have a tablet and no way to use it, lol. I'LL JUST HAVE TO RESORT TO CANNIBALISM OPTICAL MOUSE!

Like, this is what I was doing today:

Ah, I tried my best, but alas -- this looks more like I was slicing spaghetti on the floor, naked. Anyway, it's gotten so cold here, the doors are becoming frozen closed. I had to chip away at ice formed at the bottom of the door with a butter knife to open it. I think winter is finally coming, you guys. 8D

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