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Ahhh, Steam sales. <3 I just wish my laptop could run more games. QuQ I can't play half the things I bought until I'm reunited with my gaming PC, lol. My two current obsessions: Audiosurf and Sequence!

If that doesn't convey the wonderful ridiculousness that is Sequence, I don't know what will. xD I mean, it's DDR + a roleplaying game - probably two of the most unrelated genres of gaming, but they just make it work somehow. Great sarcasm in the dialogue, too. Best of all, it can run on my laptop~! I have to agree with one review, though - it does gets a little grindy. There will always be those rare drop items that you have to battle over and over again for. But c'est la vie of RPGs, no?

Can you believe there are only three days left in 2011!? It's crazy how fast the year goes by - and yet, when I look back at all that happened, it also feels like such a long stretch of time. Weeeeird.

I'm trying to think of good New Year resolutions. I really like the advice given here about setting realistic goals:
"[Your goal] must align with your deepest values, motivations and with what is most important to you. Otherwise you won't have the passion or discipline to stay committed when the going gets tough, especially when there are so many other things distracting you from achieving your resolution."
Good words in there.

I reeeeally should've written down my goals from last year, cuz now I have can't remember a thing (terrible memory, eh) and so cannot figure out my own success rate. All well~ I'll have to think about it some more. The popular ones are always things like "getting fit" and "learning one new thing every day", but I want to make sure I have one interesting, non-generic goal. How do people come up with their New Year's resolutions?

Ah, I was going to finally add doodles to my entries (because that's how I used to journal IRL, with random scribbles here and there), but I forgot to bring my tablet pen. So I have a tablet and no way to use it, lol. I'LL JUST HAVE TO RESORT TO CANNIBALISM OPTICAL MOUSE!

Like, this is what I was doing today:

Ah, I tried my best, but alas -- this looks more like I was slicing spaghetti on the floor, naked. Anyway, it's gotten so cold here, the doors are becoming frozen closed. I had to chip away at ice formed at the bottom of the door with a butter knife to open it. I think winter is finally coming, you guys. 8D
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