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Nov. 18th, 2011 02:41 pm
quietspring: A closed eye, as if asleep. (classy felton)
[personal profile] quietspring
I finally got my AO3 invite, and a week earlier than they forecasted! Now, if only my Pinterest invite would come in too, haha. But good things come to those who wait. :P

Tomorrow, I am off to a whirlwind day of panellists and speakers. It's an event that focuses on women in SEMT fields (Science, Engineering, Math, Technology), and issues pertaining to that. I've always been interested in feminist issues, but I've never really educated myself on the subject (aside from the occasional article online - maybe that counts). So, I'm totally psyched for this. I've even got a shiny new spiral notebook for furious note-taking.

PLUS ITS FRIDAAAAAY. PARTAY TIEM. By which I mean, a good night's rest, probably. xD

And now: a pic from Ryan Gosling fans protesting outside of People Magazine's HQ after they picked Bradley Cooper as the "Sexiest Man Alive". This is heavy stuff.

Original article and more hilarious pics found here, LOL.
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